Top tips for checking your translations

Always read through your work, I was told at school. Of course, being the obedient student I was, I always did so…until somewhere around the second sentence…

But that was a long time ago, and now, as a professional Italian to English translator I appreciate how important it is to check your translations before sending them off. What’s even more important is having some kind of plan or checklist to follow so you focus on one element at a time. If you try and check everything at once, (more…)


Freelance Translator Annual Review

As a freelancer, you can sometimes forget that you are in fact running a business. And as with any business, it is very important to review your progress and growth on a regular basis. Because of the flexibility associated with being a freelance professional, a unique approach is necessary for this kind of review, to take into account the personal aspect of the work we do. For the majority of freelance translators, their freelance business (more…)