Other wine texts

  • Two large-scale projects for website selling top quality Italian produce. I was involved in translating an extensive range of wine descriptions to inform and entice potential buyers, ensuring texts were accurate and appealing.
  • A letter from a wine producer presenting and explaining a range of new labels to vendors.
  • Consultancy project for the slogan for a wine range.
  • Brochure for wine producer in the Valpolicella region. The text contained descriptions of products, including Amarone, Soave and Lugana.

Other travel and tourism texts

  • Travel Guide for Rome – This translation called for snappy and enticing texts which would inform and invite the reader to discover some unusual and quirky sites in Italy’s capital city.
  • Guide for the Way of Saint James – This translation followed the Way of Saint James, also famously known as the Camino de Santiago, as it leads pilgrims on their journey to Santiago de Compostela. The text provided information about the history and culture of key places along the route and their relevance to the pilgrim route.
  • Website for hotel with details of accommodation and restaurant facilities