Best Glossary of Climbing and Mountaineering Terms

We’ve put together a list of some websites with glossary resources for mountaineering terms which we have found particularly useful. There are many more out there, but these are a good place to start….

Some of them are monolingual glossaries and others provide translations in other languages…Please let us know if you have any other resources which are handy for mountaineering translations and we can add them to the list!

Sierra Descents (English) – Nice list of mountaineering terms with clear explanations in English. Well organised.

Summit Post  (English, Spanish, French, Italian, German)  – In table form, this provides various translations for mountain terms, weather terms and gear terms in different tables.

Climb Find (English)  – Rock climbing glossary with a great range of terms. Includes some fun terms such as ‘disco leg’ as well as the more technical terminology used in rock climbing, along with clear explanations.

Climbing Dictionary (English, French and Italian)  – This page shows a table with the terms and their translations into the two other languages. It’s organised alphabetically and is handy because you can choose how it is presented, i.e. from English, from Italian or from French, by clicking on that language.

Kong Dictionary (Italian, English)  – This is an exhaustive dictionary resource with all the terms arranged alphabetically in Italian with their English translations. Excellent.

Canada Rock Climbing (English, German, French, Québécois, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, Polish, Slovak) Glossary with term explained in English followed by equivalent terms in other languages. Not all the terms are translated into all of the languages, but nevertheless it is useful to have explanations alongside the translation.

UK Climbing (English) – Glossary of terms with a light-hearted touch in the explanations. Also provides some notes about differences between American and British use of terms.

Mountain Trips (English) – Clear and concise glossary of mountaineering terms.

Plus….another great bilingual link for mountaineering is the online magazine, Planet Mountain, with articles and news in both English and Italian.

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