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Clara and Simonetta are professional translators who specialise in the renewable energy sector. They came to me looking for someone who would be able to translate their blog posts from Italian to English. They needed the terminology to be correct and were looking for someone who could adapt to their two different styles of writing.

And obviously they needed the translations to be smooth and seamless.

I gave them a little insight into my translation processes and they asked me to translate one of their posts. After seeing the result, they entrusted me with the rest of their blog posts.

What an honour, to translate for translators. Reading how they write about translation, they clearly have loads of passion for their work and aim for the highest standards. And they understand how translation works, so it was easy for me to communicate with them about the challenges we had to overcome with some of the texts.

For example, one particular post was about the term ‘gondola’ and its different meanings in Italian, along with a clever play on words in the title. I wanted to keep the core message of the post, but needed to get creative about how to make it work.

The translations were all revised by my most trusted colleague in a very collaborative revision process where we shared ideas and explored various solutions to the challenges of the texts.

Thank you, Clara & Simonetta for entrusting me with your precious words.

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Luisa Raimondi Photographer

From our very first email exchange, it was clear Luisa Raimondi is an incredibly passionate and professional photographer.

To promote her work as a photographer to English speakers, she realised how important it was to have her website translated into English. For her multilingual digital “shopfront” she knew she wanted to work with a professional and was put in touch with me thanks to a client of hers who is also a fellow translator.

Her voice and personality are key to her brand, and are part of the reason why so many people choose her to take their photos. It was really important to maintain her unique voice in the English version of the website. Of course, without losing sight of the importance of having a clear, precise and natural-sounding text in English.

This project led me to reflect on the similarities between the work of a translator and that of a photographer. A photographer focuses their lens on the person or scene, and the translator on the words to translate, both remaining hidden yet essential, yet in both cases you inevitably inject a bit of yourself into your work. In fact, I believe that it is precisely this creativity and personality that bring translations and photography to life.

One thing is for sure, it has been a huge honour for me to translate the unique and passionate words of Luisa into English. What’s more, I enjoyed being whisked away on many fairy-tale adventures when translating the Love Stories in her blog.

Thank you Luisa!