Other food texts

  • Two large-scale projects for websites selling top quality Italian produce. I was involved in translating an extensive range of product descriptions to inform and entice potential buyers. This required the use of persuasive language as well as extensive knowledge of range of regional products from throughout Italy.
  • Book Revision of a fictional travelogue and recipes – The “protagonist” of this book was a world-famous Italian cheese. The translation had to be checked for readability and accuracy.
  • Presentation video – I translated the texts for video material presenting a leading company in the gluten-free sector
  • Seasonal menu translation for a restaurant specialising in local cuisine from the Lake Garda area.
  • Translation of promotional magazine for a large supermarket with recipes and product descriptions.
  • Product labels for a cheese and cured meat producer.
  • Translation of a promotional book detailing the celebrations of an important anniversary of a leading pasta producer in Italy
  • Translation of voiceover texts for a promotional video on sanitisation technology in wine production
  • Translation of website texts and press release for company specialising in the production of authentic panettone in Italy.
  • Translation of website texts for a Franciacorta wine estate.
  • Translation of a cake-making TV series for subsequent voice over.
  • Translation of profiles with details of the experience and stories of rising stars in the world of pastry chefs.
  • Transcreation of a slogan and promotional texts for a chocolate brand.