Freelance Translator Annual Review

As a freelancer, you can sometimes forget that you are in fact running a business. And as with any business, it is very important to review your progress and growth on a regular basis. Because of the flexibility associated with being a freelance professional, a unique approach is necessary for this kind of review, to take into account the personal aspect of the work we do. For the majority of freelance translators, their freelance business (more…)


Eating Up Italy: Food for Thought

I’m currently reading Matthew Fort’s book, Eating Up Italy: Voyages on a Vespa, which follows his journey through Italy, from south to north, on a culinary quest for the truth, culture and people behind Italian cuisine, in all its many varieties.

I’m really enjoying the book and the author’s way of writing, but what I want to focus on here is:

  •  how foreigners describe Italy
  •  why this is an important factor to consider when translating.

Let’s start with the first point and have a look at how Italy is seen from the outside with the help of Matthew Fort.

restaurant_italyIn contrast to many who write about Italy, Matthew Fort does not present himself as a great expert of the country, but rather as someone with limited knowledge of the language and the country in spite of his obvious interest in the place. (more…)