ski resort project

Ski resort website translation

Wow, this project was so much fun. It certainly got my creative juices flowing and my feet itching to be rammed into my ski boots and get whooshing down the slopes!

The website was part of an overall rebranding project for a ski resort which included the design of a great new logo.

The translation itself was varied and never dull. As with most website texts, parts of it required transcreation, looking at the essence of the message and finding a creative and impactive way to get people excited about everything the resort has to offer. Other parts needed an approach which focused more on accuracy and clarity, with important details about skipasses, rates, etc.

This project enabled to make the most of my passion for skiing and everything mountain-related. My knowledge of the relevant terminology and my experience with tourism texts gave me a head start in crafting enticing and functional texts for the English version of this website.

Why not check out the website – just click here!



The Cretan Way

This was a two-part book with a practical guide to walking a new route across Crete based on the E4 footpath as well as a travelogue by the author describing his own experience of walking the route. This project involved extensive research into the geographical and historical references as well as precision and clarity for the walking instructions. The author’s unique writing style had to be respected whilst ensuring coherence and fluidity in the translation. Overall a really exciting and rewarding project.


Planet Mountain

I collaborated with this Italian-English online magazine by translating a few of their articles into English. These translations called for a clear understanding of climbing terminology in addition to familiarity with the style and tone of communications in the mountaineering world.



This organisation needed website texts which were clear and engaging whilst remaining true to their guiding philosophy. I also translated a selection of proposals for excursions with relevant information about necessary equipment, what to expect from the experience and an insight into the historical and cultural background to each route.


Video Valli di Lanzo

Video Valli di Lanzo – A series of informative and promotional videos describing the historical and natural features of specific walking routes in the Lanzo Valleys near Turin. The project involved the translation of voiceovers texts and the preparation of English-language subtitles. As well as being sensitive to the time restrictions for the voiceover and the subtitles, this project entailed detailed research to ensure a well-balanced approach to describing local places and legends. For more details, see the CAI Lanzo youtube channel.


David in Britain Blog

A series of blog posts describing an Italian walking guide’s experiences in the UK. These translations required sensitivity to the unique writing style of the author and awareness of the subject matter.


Hervé Barmasse

This ongoing collaboration has included translations of press releases and media communications. Hervé Barmasse, a leading Italian alpinist and part of The North Face team of athletes, has a unique and inspirational way of engaging with his followers. My translations are sensitive to his style of writing whilst ensuring that the practical details regarding ascents and mountaineering terminology in press communications are correct.


Other food texts

  • Two large-scale projects for websites selling top quality Italian produce. I was involved in translating an extensive range of product descriptions to inform and entice potential buyers. This required the use of persuasive language as well as extensive knowledge of range of regional products from throughout Italy.
  • Book Revision of a fictional travelogue and recipes – The “protagonist” of this book was a world-famous Italian cheese. The translation had to be checked for readability and accuracy.
  • Presentation video – I translated the texts for video material presenting a leading company in the gluten-free sector
  • Seasonal menu translation for a restaurant specialising in local cuisine from the Lake Garda area.
  • Translation of promotional magazine for a large supermarket with recipes and product descriptions.
  • Product labels for a cheese and cured meat producer.
  • Translation of a promotional book detailing the celebrations of an important anniversary of a leading pasta producer in Italy
  • Translation of voiceover texts for a promotional video on sanitisation technology in wine production
  • Translation of website texts and press release for company specialising in the production of authentic panettone in Italy.
  • Translation of website texts for a Franciacorta wine estate.
  • Translation of a cake-making TV series for subsequent voice over.